Graphic Design — Some general pointers

Some tricks, some pointers and some common sense.

A graphic vector of a brain inside a glowing bulb.
A happy brain bulb. Credit: Author.
The basic shapes. Square, circle, triangle, rectangle.
Basic shapes. Credit: Author.
Various simple logo designs.
Some various examples of simple and clean logos. Credit: The Logo Smith and several stock photo sites.
Colors and text describing contrast.
Color contrast. Credit: Montgomery College.
A cohesive design theme of different printed products.
Stick to the visual design theme of your clients brand. Credit: Sara Quintana.
A catalogue design showing images and text used in various ways.
Ting™ catalogue design. Credit: Mohamed Samir / Ting™.
A landscape photo with lines showing the rule of thirds.
An example of rule of thirds. Credit: Mads Peter Iversen.
A brochure design with the earth, the moon and various text elements.
An example of how to focus the eyes of the reader to different areas. Credit: Shouvick Koley.
An infographic template showing multiple explaining design elements.
An infographic template design using multiple elements. Credit: Venngage.
Aaron Draplin explaining his design.
Aaron Draplin explaining his design methods. Credit: Aaron Draplin, LinkedIn Learning



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